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Meet Your Brooklynologists

Alla is a Russian transplant who made Brooklyn her home 25 years ago. Journalist by education, life-long librarian and budding archivist, she enjoys unraveling thorny reference questions and finds it impossible to stay away from old photographs. In a separate role, she curates Russian literary events at the Central library. In her spare time, she does a little translation (from Polish to English) and tries to spend as much remaining time as possible with her friends, family and pets.
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Ally is a reference librarian in the Brooklyn Collection who loves digging through the archive to answer your questions as well as stocking the shelves with the latest Brooklyn related books. She's also a published author, so when she's not at the Brooklyn Collection, she's usually writing, editing, or plotting her latest work. For fun she's likes to wander art museums, travel, and listen to a lot of David Bowie. And when she says a lot, she means a lot.
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Deborah is the Special Collections Cataloger in the Brooklyn Collection. She creates descriptions of the Collection’s visual assets: photographs, prints and objects, to make them findable for researchers and the public, and wrangles the resulting database. As well, she works to increase the library’s collection through digitization projects. When not bringing hidden gems to light she enjoys trawling art museums, swing dancing and drawing her fellow subway riders.
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Deenah is an Educator with the Brooklyn Connections program, where she expends a lot of energy biking around to the farthest corners of the borough and obsessing over what is hip with the kids these days (failing, did we mention failing?). Born and raised by the seaside in northern Massachusetts, she certainly has a snobby attitude about teaching colonial history, but swears she doesn’t even follow sports! When not digging around the dustiest corners of the library, Deenah loves to plan big adventures outside the city.
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Diana is the Archivist for the Brooklyn Collection. Despite having grown up in Brooklyn, she never gets tired of walking the borough's streets and soaking up the history all around us. Outside of work, Diana enjoys playing with her cat and cooking delicious vegan meals.
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Jen Hoyer is an Educator with the Brooklyn Connections program. She joined the team after running a music outreach program in South Africa, working as a school librarian in Montreal, and organizing the archives of the oldest public lending library in Canada. Jen loves helping people realize how amazing the history of their community is. As the team’s resident Canadian, Jen firmly believes that the alphabet ends with the letter “zed”.
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June is the Outreach librarian for the Brooklyn Collection. She works with classroom teachers to introduce the history of Brooklyn to students (k-12) through photographs, maps, articles and more. An artist as well, June combines historical visual material with fiber art to make one of a kind dresses that tell stories.
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Kaitlin's an Educator for the Brooklyn Connections Program where she gallivants around the city teaching students about the joys of research and community history. A fourth generation Brooklynite, via North Carolina just to mix things up a bit, Kaitlin spends her spare time at the Brooklyn Collection sneakily looking up artifacts on her ancestors' shenanigans.
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N'dada is the Outreach Associate for Brooklyn Connections. A communications professional and digital creative, she brings more than 12 years of experience in marketing and digital media to the role, including co-founding Afrika 21, an interactive experiential marketing agency in New York City which produces events across the US, UK and West Africa. In 2014 N'dada - a habitual entrepreneur- founded SAPE co. Soap, a start-up body care company offering vegan artisanal soaps and body care products.
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Brooklynologists Past

Ivy is an archivist and librarian with the Brooklyn Collection. She is perpetually delighted with each new (old) photograph, newspaper clipping, and scrap of ephemera she comes across, and loves processing archival collections so they can be used by the public. Sixty-odd years after the fact, she's utterly devastated that the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles.
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Brendan is an Educator with the Brooklyn Connections program. He was born in Georgia but spent most of his formative years in the Pacific Northwest. When he isn’t digging through the Brooklyn Collection’s archive of vintage food menus or bouncing around schools in Brooklyn you can find him working at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, standing in Prospect Park and pretending it’s Yellowstone, or making zombies out of clay.
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Christine, a Brooklyn native, is the Project Manager for the Brooklyn Connections program. She spends most of the working day in public schools from Bay Ridge to Bushwick. When not at work, Christine enjoys scrapbooking, attending local comedy shows, and rock climbing.
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As an archivist and librarian, Lisa's particular interests include photograph collections, EAD finding aids, and women's history. In her spare time she plays softball in Prospect Park, and helps her teenage son look things up.
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As Project Coordinator of Brooklyn Connections, Leslie spends her days traveling to schools across the borough and introducing students to local history research. Consequently, she has become an avid fan of Brooklyn history, a neighborhood geography buff, and a strong proponent of comfortable walking shoes and a sensible backpack.
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As Brooklyn Collection Division Chief, Joy acquires new items for the collection, develops and oversees programs, provides reference service to patrons worldwide, and works to continue the Collection's digitization efforts. She enjoys watching her two whippets chase white garbage bags (or each other) in zig zag patterns across a field.
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A Librarian in the Brooklyn Collection, Olivia processes the Ephemera Collection and coordinates the Brooklyn Veterans History Project. In addition to library life, Olivia bakes desserts, takes photographs and collects cookbooks.
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A new librarian here, Ben is slowly but surely learning his way around the Brooklyn Collection. While organizing or otherwise processing materials for the collection, it has been his great pleasure to stumble upon articles from old neighborhood newspapers about such things as talking pigs, preadolescent somnambulist pyromaniacs, and the travails of one unfortunate insurance broker who suffered from daytime nightmares of a topaz-eyed owl. When he is not at work Ben likes to walk around New York seeing the sights.
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Tara is the Research Assistant in the Brooklyn Collection, and spends much of her time searching for news clippings and photographs in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle Morgue. This occupation has helped her discover a new appreciation for crime scene photography and mug shots, of which the Morgue has plenty.
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