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Brooklynology Featured in New York Archives Magazine

Apr 5, 2010 2:48 PM | 0 comments

I would tell everyone to rush out to the news stand immediately to pick up your copy of  the Spring issue of New York Archives magazine, but--attractive as this publication of the New York State Education Department is--I don't think you can find it on every corner.  Still, we are pleased to have rated a two-page spread in the "Archives Around New York" section of this well-designed organ of the Archives Partnership Trust. Hoping we can be forgiven for a moment of self-reflexivity, we offer a paragraph from the article, entitled Blogging the Archives, for the special benefit of our faithful Brooklynology readers:

New York Archives magazine

"One of the advantages of the blog format is its flexibility. Posts can be as long or as short as you wish; they can incorporate weeks and months of research or the insight of a moment, even an announcement, a new acquisition or a news report....Another advantage is that a blog is cheap. As long as the staff is already in place and is willing and able to produce one or two short posts a month, a blog costs nothing after initial setup and design. The result is a store of short articles with intrinsic value that can also be developed into a deeper exploration of a subject...."

Happily we have one update to offer: at the time of writing the article, our web statistics were showing about 15,000 visits a month to Brooklynology. Since then, during February and March this year the blog has attracted around 600 visits a day, or around 18000 a month. Of course, now that our fame has spread via the magazine, the sky is the limit...