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Little-Known Brooklyn Businesses. The Bilnor Corporation

Sep 2, 2010 2:26 PM | 1 comment

In the 1950’s the Bilnor Corporation was a leading manufacturer of swimming pools and water toys. From their location at 300 Morgan Avenue in East Williamsburg, they turned out summertime recreational products made from plastic. In 1954 they expanded upon their seasonal merchandise by creating portable ice rinks. Made of Krene, (a popular plastic developed in the 1940's) these winter weather contraptions required only water and freezing temperatures. 

Unrolling the ice rink


"Ice Rink In a Package -- A new portable ice skating rink -- weighing only 60 pounds for a diameter of 24 feet - has been developed by Bilnor Corp., 300 Morgan Avenue. Liner is unfolded and stretched over ground. Low fence is placed in position...and flexible side wall of liner is placed over fence.  Next steps are filling with water and donning skates. Rink, made of tough, flexible Krene, costs $100 in size shown here." 

Filling the ice rink


When showing these photos around the staffroom our very own Cecilia remarked that her family had one of these.  This is what she said about the experience:


"Brooklyn during the 1950's was a great place and time to grow up. Many new products to entertain children were just coming on the market and the middle class parents wanted to provide them for their children. I remember the winter my parents (or Santa) gave my brother and I a backyard ice skating pond. I was able to skate but my brother, being younger, needed double runner skates.  On cold winter Saturdays our backyard in Old Mill Basin would be filled with neighborhood kids waiting their turn to skate. My Mom would make hot cocoa and someone else's Mom would bring cookies.  What a great time we had!"

Skating on the ice rink


9/8/2010 3:10:45 AM #

sounds like lovely wintry fun!