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Other Brooklyns--a Postscript

Nov 19, 2010 12:30 PM | 1 comment

Brooklynology readers may not remember a post about other Brooklyns written in September 2009 that has so far drawn zero comments except for the daily computer-generated  spamming from a  shoe company I will not name, because that is what they want. "Cheers for sharing these helpful content material! Hope that you simply just just will carry on accomplishing advantageous file this type of as this."  Or, more thought-provokingly: "We've got loved searching the content material."

The end of that post described the "Brooklyn Adopts Breuckelen Project" which collected and shipped needed supplies to the war-ravaged Netherlands town. The contact person was given as  Miss Marguerite A. Salomon. By chance I came across Miss Salomon in the Eagle photograph morgue the other day. She was standing on the steps of a KLM airliner headed for the Netherlands.

marguerite A. Salomon, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Oct 8, 1948

BON VOYAGE--An admirer presents Marguerite A. Salomon with some sweets for Breukelen, Holland, as Miss Salomon, founder of the Brooklyn adopts Breukelen Project, departs on a visit...She will be the guest of the Breukelen Burgomaster at this home and will tour Holland for a month as the town's guest in gratitude for her share in the borough's project which sent over 24,000 pounds of relief supplies to Breukelen.

It turns out that Brooklynology is not the only place that remembers the name of Ms Salomon.  Danielle Latman, whose home is in Brooklyn, visited the Dutch town in 2009 and saw an exhibit documenting the Brooklyn Adopts Breukelen Project, created by an organization named BrooklynBridgeBreukelen that fosters relations between the borough and the town. Today's goodwill ambassador--our Miss Salomon, if you will--is none other than Marty Markowitz, pictured here on the original Breukelen Bridge in 2009 with Breukelen's Mayor Mik. 

 And by the way, our message to the shoe sales spammers: "Fuhgeddaboudit."



11/26/2010 11:40:33 PM #

Hey, it's Danielle here! Thanks for linking to my article.
It was so amazing to visit the original Breukelen. It's teeny-tiny and yet was the inspiration for a huge, multicultural and vibrant city.

Danielle Latman