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High School Newspapers Make Headlines

Oct 10, 2013 4:00 PM | 0 comments

Some people would rather die than have their high school experiences splashed across the (blog) pages of one of the world's most widely read newspapers, but we imagine that Janet Yellen, who was recently nominated to head the Federal Reserve, has more important things on her mind.  The Brooklyn Collection, however, is not above basking for a moment in her reflected glory, as we've recently made news because we hold not just Ms. Yellen's Fort Hamilton High School yearbook, but also her high school newspaper, the Pilot, of which she was an editor. 

These heretofore unregarded pieces of history were featured in two New York Times blogs today, the City Room and Economix.  And if you're curious to see what other famous people we have hidden away in the pages of our yearbook collection, check out our earlier blog posts on famous Brooklyn alumni.