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Need Help With Your Holiday Shopping?

Dec 21, 2015 10:30 AM | 0 comments

Well, the Brooklyn Collection has got you covered. All you have to do is suit up in your best hoop dress and top hat and get yourself to downtown Brooklyn, and we promise all your holiday gift-giving woes will melt away. Okay, hang on to your bonnets, here we go!

First stop: Fulton Street! 

“Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!” The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. 22 December 1860. 

You’ve just got to get back to W.H. Cornell for those fancy boxed prunes that were such a hit with Uncle Clarence last year. Everyone in your knitting circle surely needs a box!

Next, you’ve got to find the perfect gift for little Mary and little Ernest. But, DUH, you know what they want this year! Head down Fulton a little ways to Dayton & Carter to pick up the gift that anybody who is anybody is looking for this year: SKATES!


“Christmas is Coming.” The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. 8 December 1862.

Just one quick stop at the druggist on the corner for a bottle of Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup to help ease baby Mabel’s teething pains, and the kids will be all set. So WHAT that its primary ingredients are morphine and alcohol! We don’t know about that yet, so shhhh!

“Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup.” The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. 6 February 1860.

Okay, now brace yourself to leave the calm of Fulton Street behind:

Brainard, George Bradford. “Fulton Street.” 1886. The Brooklyn Collection, Brooklyn. 

Now you’re headed to that big noisy thoroughfare of Flatbush Avenue! But you just have to get to Dr. P. Daily’s because he has the best deals on horseshoes this side of the East River. Papa’s horse Lula is certainly due for a new set of shoes!

Letterhead Collection. The Brooklyn Collection, Brooklyn Public Library. 31 August 1898.

Working up a Christmas sweat? Good! There’s work yet to be done, so hitch up your petticoat and get moving. The final stop on your whirlwind holiday shopping spree is quite a journey up the road, but we’ll take the scenic route past Fort Greene Park. It’s always cheerful to watch the children playing in the snow, isn’t it?

Brainard, George Bradford. “Boys in Fort Greene Park.” 1875. The Brooklyn Collection, Brooklyn.

A mile and a half up the road, the wagon wheels are a-squeaking and you’ve made it to your last stop just in the time! Thank heavens for Dr. Williams and his carriage fixing team. A wheel adjustment is a gift to all in the family – bumpy rides to work no more!

Letterhead Collection. The Brooklyn Collection, Brooklyn Public Library. 21 August 1883.

Huzzah! You’ve made it through another season of holiday shopping around Brooklyn. Now you’ve got to get thinking about killing that ox for the holiday feast…..Well, good luck!

“Now We Shall Have a Christmas Party.” The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. 24 December 1899.